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2021 Update from Our Winemaker

Amid the COVID shutdowns, we've had the opportunity to have a few events to share our wines with both old and new friends, and we look forward to hosting more events as the country emerges from the pandemic. 

For me, it's personally quite rewarding to share our wines with people. To see the excitement in faces as they try them for the first time and to share my love of Cabernet Franc.

Looking Forward
As a result of the smoke-taint damage to much of the last ripening red varieties, we opted to not make any red wine in 2020. I would rather not make a wine than to make one with the risk that it could be tainted and not up to the quality level that I desire.  We did, however, make a 2020 Rosé of Cabernet Franc, which we just sampled to ensure it's ready to bottle at the end of the month. It shares the flavor profile of our 2019 rosé but with a bit more fullness and roundness at midpalate. 

We also sampled a new blend that we're bottling this month called Assemblage. It's a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Franc from Conn Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from Mount Veeder, both from our 2019 harvest. This lovely wine is very fruit forward with great length. I am excited to release these two wines in a few months. They'll both be in our Spring 2021 wine club shipment.

The 2019 vintage, in general, is a bit more fruit driven and elegant than the 2018 vintage. While the 2018s are stellar wines, they tend to need a bit more time in bottle to come to their own. If holding on to the bottles for a couple of years is not your idea of fun, we always recommend decanting the 2018 wines for a good hour prior to serving. 

A Barrel Select Cabernet for 2022
Still in barrel are the 2019 Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon lots and our new 2019 Conn Valley Cabernet Franc. In honor of the amazing 2019 vintage, I selected two lots of the Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon and barreled them down in new, tight-grained French Colbert barrels from Nadalié. These will age for an additional year for release in 2022 as our first Barrel Select Cabernet. Something to look forward to.

Going into the new year, I appreciate each of you for your continued support and look forward to more face-to-face tasting events and winemaker dinners. 

Thank you,
Greg Brickey, Owner & Winemaker

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